Technology companies are at the forefront of business and social innovation. At TDG, we understand tech companies’ need for building brands and reputation – fast, and as creatively as their own products and services. We help tech companies in communicating their stories and visions effectively, and differentiating within their industries – media, telecommunications, education, and more.

We ask every member of TDG to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset – and require them to not only understand, but also develop insights on the latest trends in technological innovation. Our team has extensive experience in digital and social media advertising, crowdfunding technologies, content marketing, and e-commerce. We also work closely with technology blogs and media outlets, and keep a pulse on all major innovation hubs around the world – from Silicon Valley to New York, and from China to Kenya. Our clients include:

ZTE Technologies  |  China Telecom Americas  |  RugGear  |  KSCat  |  Roboterra

Our capabilities include:

  • Branding and communications strategy
  • Crowdfunding campaign design and implementation
  • Visual identity design
  • E-commerce platform design and development
  • Social media and search advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Media and influencers relations
  • Video production and interactive design