The growing expectation among consumers and employees alike for businesses to “do good” has redefined corporate social responsibility (CSR) in a transformative way. At TDG, we help our partners create and materialize sustainable brands by engaging both internal and external stakeholders in a sincere and transparent manner. We create CSR initiatives that drive impactful social changes and deliver long-term business values.

One of the first steps our CSR professionals take when engaging clients is to help company executives understand how the business activities of their organizations interact with people’s lives, the environment, and their own employees. Through value chain mapping and materiality analysis, we help brands discover and adopt business strategies that contributes to their triple bottom lines – people, planet, and profits. Our team has provided services to:

SunTrust Bank  |  Lenovo  |  ZTE Ghana  |  Kautex Textron | Counter Culture Coffee | Southern Company

Our capabilities include:

  • Materiality analysis
  • Sustainability messaging
  • CSR reporting
  • Purpose marketing
  • Public advocacy
  • Media relations
  • Social media
  • Employee engagement